Masaje Milagroso Spa in Tijuana, #1 for Massage Tijuana

Masaje Milagroso Spa in Tijuana, #1 for Massage Tijuana

Masaje Milagroso Spa is ranked #1 out of Spas for Massage in Tijuana. Reasons being: 1) Stylish and modern spas. 2) value pricing and memberships 3) overall quality and selection of massages.

Masaje Milagroso Spa

Address: Blvd. Salinas 10755-int-4, Aviacion, 22014 Tijuana, B.C.

Phone: 6645353558

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Masaje Milagroso’s style is 100%  unique and elegant. Each room surprises with visual pleasure.

Masaje Milagroso Spa de Masajes en Tijuana

Milagroso Spa is a modern, stylish Spa in Tijuana that adds to the overall massage experience

The Massage Cabins at the Colonia Aviacion are elegant, modern and clean. Each room has it’s own personal shower and some rooms have a double shower side by side in case of a couples massage. Most of the spa is covered with 3d Wall Tiles that add texture and design to the room without adding clutter. The showers and cold Rooms are made out of elegant tiles and thick glass. The dry heat Sauna is made from wood and glass. Their Jacuzzi is in-ground with heater and booster jets and can fit 1-2 people at a time. All amentities are for personal use and not shared with other Spa clients at the time of your reservation.

Masaje Milagroso Spa de Masajes en Tijuana

Masaje Milagroso is very reassonably priced and has an easy to understand menu and membership program for Massage Tijuana.

Masaje Milagroso built their name and spa doing the opposite of what every other spa was doing. Other Spas were advertising low prices and then switching to higher prices if the client wanted a massage with more pressure.  Instead of contnuing with the bait and switch tactic. In 2015, Masaje Milagroso opened and began a new pricing structure for Spas in Tijuana – a Simplified price. All styles of massage have the same cost.

Spa with amazing promotions when purchasing one of 3 types of memberships.

Secondly, in terms of pricing,  Masaje Milagrosois the first spa in Tijuana to offer memberships. These memberships offer amazing deals to the frequent massage client. I perfer the term Spa Package as opposed to membership as it is essentially a bulk purchase of 4 hours of massage. Since you buy in bulk, you get the bulk discouunt – this is Masaje Milagroso’s Standard Membership.

Milagroso Spa has 3 types of Memberships to ensure amazing value for Massage in TIjuana.

As we covered, they have the individual Membership. They also have a 2×1 and Conjunto Membership which you can read about on their website by clicking this link Massage Memberships in Tijuana. The price for the standard is $100usd which with some math equates to only $25usd each houor of massage, for any style you desire! That is a great deal!  The owner shared with me that many Spa’s prices cater to the person who gets a massage once a year or while on vacation. Unfortunately, there are many people who can benefit from a weekly massage, and giving the people an opportunity to purchase massages in bulk, for a godo discouunt helps both the frequent clients and also the company.

In the eyes of Masaje Milagroso, clients shouldn’t use price as a factor when deciding which style of massage to receive. Read about each style of Massage available at Milagroso Spa Tijuana

Instead, clients should choose a style of massage that will benefit them the most regardless of the price. This idea would make the clietns more satisfied. Given that fact, Masaje Milagroso was the first spa to implement a 1 price regardless of the style of massage you desire. What was the result? Clients were actually getting the massage they truely wanted instead of being persuaded to opt for something they really did not want due to the lower cost. This was Revolutionary.

Masaje Milagroso Playas de Tijuana Cabina para Masaje

   The experience at a spa all depends on how your 5 senses perceive the experience. For this reason Masaje Milagroso Spa in Tijuana really focuses and puts extra attention to detail on how to stimulate each one of your senses to ensure an experience that is comfortable and stimulating at the same time.  The Room design is very important to Milagroso Spa in Tijuana as it is the main factor that the client will see through their visual senses. The rooms are cleaned regularly throughout the day. For this reason the rooms for massage promote relaxation, less anxiety, and peacefullness. Secondly, the rooms have an arstic and minimilistic design which arouses the creativity of the mind and at the same time does not overwhelm or cause a distraction.

In conclusion, Masaje Milagroso is the winner for the best massage spa in tijuana for their wide variety of massages, modern design and amentities and the value given with each service.  Also not to worry, their  Memberships have no sign up fee, no automatic renewal, and there is no expiration. The one thing the membership gives is extreme value! Lowering the cost of massage to $25.00 usd an hour for any style. Secondly, their ethical pricing is very simple to understand. Pay for the time of the massage as all styles of massage are the same cost. Additional Spa Treatments are a la carte and the price is right on the menu when you walk into the reception.

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